UN WOMEN – Empowerment of Women and Fighting Against Gender Based Discrimination


The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women is a United Nations body that has been and currently is working on the authorization of Women.  UN Women is part of the United Nations Development Group and unity that revolves around gender equality. UN Women, ever since its operational start in January 2011, is working worldwide to guarantee the equality of every woman and girl and make sure they live up to their potential with its 41 Member States which are elected regularly every three years. UN Women emphasizes Sustainable Development Goals and follows four strategic priorities aiming to improve the condition of women on leading and utilizing governance systems equally, having better economic security and independence, eradicating the violence against all women and girls, benefiting from and taking a role in the humanitarian actions and provision against natural disasters and conflicts. Working with Un sub-bodies, NGOs and governmental institutions regarding gender equality; UN Women is no doubt a remarkable leader platform for Women to be reminded of their rights and their authentic voices.